About Us

American Flags

Baller Hoodies is a family operated small business based outside of San Antonio  Texas.  We founded the company in 2018 after noticing how popular graphic hoodies had become with our sons.  By early 2020, however, we became frustrated by the association of hoodies with crime.  Why did radicals, hoodlums and Antifa get to claim hoodies as their "uniform"?  We decided to do something about it.

As patriotic Americans we wanted to reclaim hoodies for the proud patriots that enjoy the style and comfort of Americas favorite casual outerwear.  It is our right to wear what we want without fear of being branded as lawless.  We huddled with our family and friends and decided that we would create a provocative new line of casual wear exclusively for Americans that value freedom, free speech and law & order.  Why should liberals have all the fun?  The silent majority can now wear their agendas proudly on their chests just like the left does. We are proud of the new Baller Hoodies and we hope you love it as well.

We will have new designs rolling our weekly.  Have an idea?  Send it our way and if we produce it we will send you a free t-shirt to say thanks.

Wear your beliefs proudly!  God Bless!

The Baller Hoodies Team