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Big Tech Has Tried Everything To Shut Down This Small Business - It Hasn't Worked.

AUTHOR Conservative Business News /  ADVERTORIAL  / PUBLISHED: Oct 26 2021

When Sam and his wife decided to start a small conservative T-Shirt brand they never imagined that they would end up battling Big Tech and the liberal social media establishment over a simple hoodie design.

Boerne TX. Baller Hoodies sits in a small unmarked building just north of San Antonio. The freedom-loving fashion brand was founded in 2019 by husband and wife duo Sam and Korrie. who were sick of seeing liberal mobs claim the All-American hoodie as their uniform. "Hoodies, T-Shirts and Tank Tops are iconic American staples and we refused to let the left destroy their image and turn them into something ugly," said Sam. Baller Hoodies was a side project designed to give patriotic citizens a fun way to express their values.

Everything went smoothly until the couple designed a simple, "In God We Trust" shirt. As soon as the shirt was posted on social media, there were problems. Facebook flagged it as a "Violation of community standards" and forbid it from being posted. Twitter and Instagram quickly followed, effectively making it impossible to display the shirt. Appeals we denied and led to an outright ban on the brand's ability to advertise online. Stunned, the couple tried to bypass social media only to have their ecommerce provider flag and pull six other popular designs. "We got cancelled, I don't know what else to call it," said Korrie.



It got so bad that the duo was about to pull the plug on the entire brand but they hated the idea of having their conservative views bullied into silence. That was when the community stepped up. First it was our church sending out our story and bringing us customers and then it was our neighbors. Soon, word of mouth grew and suddenly Baller Hoodies was back in business. "We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from patriots around the country. We cannot thank everyone enough. When we were down the conservatives had out backs and showed us how powerful the Silent Majority really is."

Baller Hoodies - These Designs Haven't Been Cancelled...Yet!

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Let Your Shirt Speak Your Mind.

This is NOT the time to remain silent. The American way of life is crumbling right before our eyes. We must speak up and take back the country. Our shirts make protesting easy. Let your feelings be known effortlessly and with style.

Together We Can Fight Big Tech Censorship

It hasn't been easy, but Baller Hoodies has proven that it is possible to stand up to Big Tech tyranny and win. There are more patriots out there than the media would lead you to believe and when we come together we are a force to be reckoned with!

Conservatives are banding together and shopping at to show Big Tech that they are not in control of our views, our belief or our wallets. “Conservatives all over the USA have come together and supported my family and our brand to let Facebook and Twitter know that THEY do not control our culture and voice. WE control our own culture and voice.”

Speak with your wallets. Support small businesses with conservative ideals. Boycott brands that support the socialist agenda. Baller Hoodies allows you to do all three AND look great while doing doing it!



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We Are Pro-Freedom, Pro-Liberty and Pro-America



Baller Hoodies are designed for all ages! Our 16 year old and his friends wear these, I wear them and my 85 year old mother and her entire Bible Study wear them! Traditional conservative values never go out of style!